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What is tanking slurry used for - No Hydro

What is tanking slurry used for?

Tanking slurry is a waterproofing barrier against positive and negative hydrostatic heads of water and is suitable for use, internally, externally, above and below ground. Damp proofing of: A permanent damp-proof course, particularly on rubble filled walls. Waterproofing of: Basements, cellars, swimming pools, brickwork, block work structures, concrete and renders.

Is tanking slurry waterproof - No Hydro

Is tanking slurry waterproof?

Tanking slurry is a cementitious waterproofing system for above and below ground surfaces. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly to a damp surface, it is designed to form a permanent waterproof coating to concrete and masonry.

Can you paint over tanking slurry - No Hydro

Can you paint over tanking slurry?

Yes, you must treat tanking slurry like new plaster. Allow the application to dry completely and only use water based emulsion paint in the first 6 months after initial application.

How much tanking slurry do I need - No Hydro

How much tanking slurry do I need?

A 20KG bag of cementitious tanking slurry will cover up to 7Β m2Β at a 2mm thickness. Refer to coverage calculator for more information.

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