No Hydro Masonry Water Seal


No Hydro Masonry Water Seal is a colourless surface water repellent for masonry. It can be used on old and new buildings to protect brick, stone and concrete façades from penetrating damp. It’s ready to use and can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

  • Ready for use
  • Colourless and solvent free
  • 10 Year breathable waterproof barrier
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Effective on Brick, Concrete & Stone

Effective On Brick, Concrete & Stone - No Hydro Masonry Water Seal No Hydro Water Seal is a brick, concrete and stone sealer protecting properties materials from to changes in weather and drops in overnight temperature. As rain water contacts the treated surface materials it turns to water beads and the water beads roll of the surface materials preventing penetration of the treated substrates.

This clear multi surface waterproofer is the perfect product for protecting building substrates against prolonged or repeated exposure to severe weather conditions. With proper penetration of substrates this product is a multi surface waterproofer used for concrete waterproofing, brick waterproofing, stone waterproofing and all masonry surfaces. It is perfect for exterior surfaces.

Breathable Protection

Breathable Protection - No Hydro Masonry Water Seal A completely cured application of No Hydro Water Seal remains totally breathable. Vapour permeability will only reduce by approximately 10 – 20%, meaning that residual moisture is not trapped.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 15 × 24.5 cm



No Hydro

Part Number





No Hydro


Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd




17.5 m2 Per 5 Liters


1.0 g/cm3

Easy Application

‎Brush, Roller or Spray

Finished Product


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5 Litre

Product Type

‎Water Repellent


10 Year

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  • No Hydro Masonry Water Seal should only be applied to dry, porous surfaces. It is intended for use above damp-proofing course level only.
  • No Hydro Masonry Water Seal should not be applied over sealed or painted surfaces. Application to fragile stone or structures containing high levels of salt should be avoided.
  • Only apply No Hydro Masonry Water Seal when rain is not forecast for the next 24 hours. No Hydro Masonry Water Seal should not be applied to wet surfaces, or where it has rained in the last 24 hours.
  • For the treatment to be successful it is essential to check all joint and roof connections prior to application.
  • Although hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm can be ‘bridged’ by No Hydro Masonry Water Seal, it may be necessary to fill wider cracks in brick/ stonework and repoint using a suitable cement or lime based mortar. After any repointing work, it is advisable to wait an appropriate amount of time to allow the mortar to cure before applying No Hydro Masonry Water Seal. For cement mortars this is typically 7 – 14 days, whereas for natural lime mortars this may be several weeks to months.
  • Remove all paint from the surface to be treated prior to application. Dirty surfaces should be cleaned before the application of No Hydro Masonry Water Seal to the recommendations given in BS8221-1:2000, “Code of practice for cleaning sand surface repair of buildings. Cleaning of natural stone, brick, terracotta and concrete.”
  • Remove any loose mortar, dust etc., using a masonry brush. When biological growth such as moss, algae or lichen needs to be removed, apply a suitable biocide in accordance with instructions.
  • Wooden and metal window/door frames, glass surfaces, patios and plants should be covered up before treatment, since removal of silicone resin splashes after drying can be very difficult. Splashes should be removed as soon as possible using soapy water. If splashes are left to cure a silicone remover may be required.


  1. Shake/stir No Hydro Masonry Water Seal well.
  2. Ensure it is thoroughly mixed before use.
  3. Two coats should be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  4. It is important that the coating is uniform and that sufficient No Hydro Masonry Water Seal is applied, since the success of the treatment depends on this.
  5. The second coat should be applied while the first coat is still wet.
  6. If treatment is halted for any reason it is advisable to make a light chalk mark to indicate where treatment has ceased.
  7. After application, tools should be cleaned with warm soapy water.
  8. Spray: No Hydro Masonry Water Seal can be applied using a standard low pressure sprayer. Application should start at the highest point working from side to side allowing ‘run down’ of the fluid for 15 – 30 cm. Two coats should be applied wet on wet.

Ensure suitable PPE is worn, consult the Material Safety Datasheet before use.

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No Hydro Masonry Water Seal Quick Application Guide – 10 Year Breathable Waterproofing Barrier

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  • Avatar

    Gary Roy

    Purchased to protect my front and back garden, surprisingly it was easy and fast to apply, would recommend using a pump to avoid spillage



  • Avatar

    Peter Miller

    Very effective on my brick home in Coventry



  • Avatar

    Johnny Stanton

    thumbs up



  • Avatar

    Keeley Morley

    I bought to protect my new stone driveway. Very easy to use and spread very well. It really soaked in and now my driveway looks the best in my area.



  • Avatar

    Beth Gunn

    literally no issues here on the masonry water seal. Happy customer



  • Avatar

    Holly Jones

    worked perfect on my old stone building



  • Avatar

    Toner Damp Proofing Ltd

    This is a great product. Used on a stone workshop, the product preformed perfectly.



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