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Breathable and Colourless Water-Repellent For Masonry

Breathable and Colourless Water Repellent For Masonry
Breathable and Colourless Water-Repellent For Masonry – No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream

No Hydro are pleased to announce the launch of No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream, it is breathable, colourless, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete, stone and other masonry walls.

No Hydro’s breathable and colourless water-repellent for masonry most obvious application is in the treatment of rain penetration (penetrating damp). The product features include but not limited to:

  • One coat application
  • Effective on brick, stone, granite, concrete and a wide range of masonry substrates
  • Deeply penetrating with 12mm penetration
  • Breathable
  • Alkali-resistant

No Hydro Masonry Protection Creams deep penetration gives it a performance advantage over standard liquid applied water seals, the masonry protection cream penetrates more deeply into masonry.

No Hydro Breathable and Colourless Water-Repellents formulation has been tested to BS EN ISO 15148:2002 (E) on a range of commonly used masonry materials including:

  • Fletton Brick
  • Sheffield Sandstone
  • Blaxter Sandstone
  • Common Brick
  • Yellow Brick
  • Mortar
  • Belfast Brick
  • Westminister Brick
  • York Sandstone
  • Concrete
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