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What equipment is required to apply No Hydro Salt Inhibitor?

No Hydro Salt Inhibitor is a high specification plaster additive recommended following the installation of a remedial DPC. Even though a DPC is effective, hygroscopic salts introduced by rising damp may cause moisture to be attracted to the wall.

As No Hydro Salt Inhibitor is a additive you will only need all required equipment for replastering (e.g Plastering Trowels, Mixing buckets, Hawk/s, Bucket Trowels, Mixers, Water Brushes) also you will need all required health and safety equipment.

To create the gauging solution, mix 1 part No Hydro Salt Inhibitor with 24 parts water. All water should be fresh, clean and free from oil or other organic contaminants.

Prepare 3 parts sand and 1 part cement using the dilute No Hydro Salt Inhibitor solution prepared above. The sand should be specified as washed, sharp sand, loam free which satisfies British Standard BS882:1992 “M” Grading.

We are always happy discuss the most suitable equipment for applying salt inhibitors, please call our technical department on +442890605058. Alternatively, fill in the contact us form below.

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